Monday, 21 December 2015


Feeling very, very rusty.
I need to work on the watercolour painting as I am definitely not doing enough. The 10,000 hours theory shows when you aren't even coming close.


  1. Sooner or later you'll finish your painting.Maybe it's not "its time" now... But I like the bug , the mushrooms and the fungi a lot!
    Happy Christmas!:))

  2. A beautiful painting. A work in progress and I love the accumulations in his beard. :)

  3. Speaking as someone who hasn't painted for nearly four years, I empathise. It's my New Years resolution to break out the sheets of Arches I ordered in the summer and dust of my brushes. If I come anywhere near something as lovely as yours, I'll be relieved, but I also know that it doesn't come back all at once, no matter how hard one wants it too...keep at it! X

  4. Thank you all for the kind encouragement. I know exactly what you mean Gretel, it's like the knowledge is there but the hands have forgotten the movements. It comes back slowly. I wish I had more time xxx I look forward to what you do. Thanks Rossichka, I like the trees and the mushrooms but am less happy with the details, think it would work better in Gouache. And Ruth the beard was fun.

  5. I love it Charlotte! may you be blessed with lots of secret spare hours for painting, drawing and dreaming in 2016!

    1. Thank you Mo, that means a lot. Oh for the gift of time eh.

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