Sunday, 17 May 2015

Finding wild places

Even in the city there are wild places.  Seeking out hollows and hidden holes can lead to the discovery of treasures.
Behind the brick there are hives of bees, slowly waking up to spring. 

To the side is a sea of garlic and lace.

Already the nettles are being used as cocoons, wrappings of silk hiding the transformations going on inside.

There are secret doorways.

Sleeping clocks

Frames of iron keeping the wild at bay.

From the acorn, the oak starts small.

Some times there are escapees from the tamed gardens, finding a new home in the midst of brambles.

Golden heads, shaking out the manes.

Paths through the trees.

Waves of sound come from holes in the bark.  Hiding the fledglings from prying eyes.

Wearing crowns...

and lacy hats.


  1. Dear Charlotte, thanks for this walk in green, opening our eyes for the beauty of the most common flowers and plants, that we've got used to see everywhere around... You are right - they are real treasures!

    1. Thanks Rossichka, I am rather fond of "weeds".

  2. Wise and wonderful post. If only everyone could be so aware of the natural wonders and true magic that is all around us ~ People need to be educated more as to how vital, precious and incredible our earth is and the real wonders everywhere that is sadly taken for granted or all too often destroyed. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Secret gardens. nothing can stop nature from doing its thing..even amongst the hub of the city.

  4. Great descriptions. The wilds are everywhere if we have eyes to see. Thank goodness for that!

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