Monday, 22 December 2014

A ship of Fools

Having made a start on a large scale version of the Fool and his companions, I am adjusting the picture all the time.  The composition has changed as I was not happy with the relationship between each character, or the size of the boat.
The paper -I am using- is much softer, the moleskine is watercolour rough whilst the larger sheet is watercolour smooth.  Both about 260lb weight but with a completely different surface.  This has made a complete change in the pencil work.  You live and learn.


  1. a beautiful start Charlotte! My favourite paper is Saunders Waterford H/P 425gsm

  2. I think I have to agree. I am on my last stash of Saunders paper (just 2 sheets left) I have some of their smooth, heaviest weight watercolour; from an art show in Notts. It is very hard to get this particular one here. Generally the heavier the paper the happier I am.

  3. this looks gorgeous, i look forward to seeing it as you move along.
    i love trying different papers, but at this point i like having a go to paper and know that i will be happy with it. For now i love a heavy paper: FABRIANO ARTISTICO HP 140LB ot 300LB, I get 16X20 inches and tear to the size I want. I have never tried the Saunders. Lovely new year to you Charlotte.

  4. Will look out for that one. Happy New Year to you too.

  5. Charlotte..... I absolutely love the drawings you're doing!