Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sometimes the heart carries a heavy load

Dedicated to those who have a gap that should not be there, an absence too soon and who did not get to say goodbye properly.


  1. Replies
    1. We, once again, had a family member take themselves out of life.. There seems to be too many now, it gets a bit hard carry the burden. Xxx

    2. Oh, Charlotte, so sorry to hear about that! I hope you'll pass through it with the support of your family!
      I took your message personally, because I had just then posted about the loss of my mum. Which stays huge and painful even after a year...xx

  2. So sorry, Charlotte.
    Wishing you all that you need to help lighten your burden at least a little.

    1. Thanks Lynn, would really like to lift the burden for those in the closest sphere of the family.

  3. Hope you will feel spirituals comfort and love .. So sorry for this sadness. I follow your blog and just wanted to send blessings. Beety