Sunday, 19 January 2014

My husband takes a damn good photo

The well-trod path

Walking with the boys

None shall pass
With the sun shining for the first time in weeks we took advantage of the break in both weather and work to go tramping.  Blidworth Bottoms is a typical Forestry Commission plantation.  But it is one with a number of bridleways and paths that makes it very attractive for walkers and horse riders.  With this kind of late winter light it is possible to get some beautiful photographs, which Tim duly did.  He takes a good picture!

Matthew, aka Gandalf found a stick if immense proportions; it doubled as staff and light sabre depending on the whim of the moment.  The snickety little paths and wider rides give much scope for imaginative gaming.  Sometimes there is an over enthusiastic dog wanting to join in too.  We walked and played to different birdsong, from robins to crows, as well as a flock of tits.

Like I said, he takes a good picture does my husband.