Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tempus fugit, small thoughts on time

Sad Time by Sergey Kondrashov
We can't touch it, smell it, see it flying away from us and yet it is one of our most precious possessions.  Time to savour, time to watch, time to listen, time to share, time to just sit in silence and be.  We squander it, waste it and use it up on the wrong things.  It can be stolen from us and,once gone, never be given back.
Durer: Melancholia


  1. .......but then again every moment presents new possibilities and choices - with hindsight what indeed would we change?
    Today we have lashing rain and wind,quite a shock!

    Sweet dreams,

  2. it is an interesting contemplation - time
    thanks for reminding me... to enjoy all my time today

    lovely day to you ~

  3. True words of wisdom about such a precious commodity.

  4. I'm really not very good at silence and being still, but I really need to learn!