Thursday, 1 August 2013

Treasure found when you follow your nose

The heat of recent days has made it nearly impossible to be out midday; however, in the cooler evenings, our local park has been a treasure trove of flowers, insects and the sounds of children playing.  My eldest and I took a wander through the other evening.  I walked barefoot, much to the embarrassment of the boy.  There is nothing to beat feeling the world through your feet as well.   Once we were there we found some absolute treasures
Taking a wander through the park we found this burnet feeding.
Most mysterious of all were these:


There was no indication who made these watchers of the wood.  They were just a little spooky, leaving a feeling of eyes following after us.

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  1. Hello! I couldn't help but following your avatar from Rover's eye. I was not disappointed. Love those faces on trees. Witch craft, I dare say!

    1. Welcome, I am glad you are enjoying your visit. The faces are wonderful, they reminded me of the masks from Robert Holdstock's Lavondyss. They could well be witch-born, we have two Wiccan suppliers within 5 minutes walk of the park.

  2. Walking bare foot on the land is wonderful.
    Not at all a "normal" thing to do!!!
    The faces do look a bit weird - but interesting.


  3. I was surprised on my turn! It must have been a really weird feeing to discover those faces around. Like wood-ghosts!
    That sweet burnet - I know it! Actually Gretel told me its name, 'cause I though it's a butterfly - look here...

    I suppose you'll make more summer evening walks in August, too!:)

  4. Great! Love to see peopleplaying and being creative.

  5. ooh spooky but lovely and the Burnet... I haven't seen one for years.

    I know what you mean about eyes following you, at the art gallery I went to the other day, one painting really spooked me !

  6. Hey Charlotte, love walking barefoot in the grass and how lovely to discover treasures in a local part........Love the faces too.....

    Claire :)