Monday, 8 July 2013

The Visitor

Look who's been nicking the alpine strawberries.


  1. Just to let you know, I got my son out of bed to come and see; sadly youngest was too deeply asleep. Got to spend a precious moment, watching nature with my boy. Of these moments memories are made.

  2. How true! Children remember such shared moments, that have impressed them! I have a similar one with my son - we watched a hedgehog, while being in a village...:)

    If hedgehogs could read, you could make a small strawberry bed specially for them to eat...:D

  3. Oh..... an actual hedgehog in the garden! So cute. There was an armadillo in ours the other day, and a pesky raccoon that hoped up on the deck while we were sitting there. A bit too friendly!


  4. Wonderful to catch it in the act.....even better to share!


  5. i don't think we have hedgehogs in the usa, so fun to see your little visitor!

  6. Thanks all, we have had various sightings of him/her over the last week. So all being well we have our slug control sorted. Luckily for us the gardens here all come together and both roads are cul de sacs off other roads. I am hoping it keeps off the road and within the safety of the hedgerows.

  7. Too cute Charlotte......I saw one once when I lived in New Zealand and was quite surprised.
    Didn't know they lived there or maybe it was on a visitors visa......

    CLaire x