Sunday, 7 July 2013

From the early morning to the late evening sun

Farndon Nature Reserve

Lotus Eating

Blackberries in waiting

Dog Roses

Frittilaria in the morning
Late evening nectar gathering 

Woodthorpe Park wild flower meadow

Some of the blues

Yellow vetch

a perfect sphere

The view from the grass

What a golf course and football pitch should look like

The meadow grasses sweet


  1. A perfect summer day! Everything changes, when it's sunny and warm... I wish you many more days like this one!

    1. Thanks, it has been beautiful here for the last few days. We had a wonderful walk and there are some signs that warmth is bringing out the butterflies and helping the bees recover a little. Wishing the same to you.

  2. The water weeds are so beautiful the way they push their flower heads up towards the sun.10 is incredibly beautiful.
    This is summer as it "should" be!