Sunday, 16 June 2013

Too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

Now the flurry, hustle and bustle that is SATs testing is over you would think we could sit back, breathe easier and rest a little.  Every year I forget just how much there still is to do.  It doesn't help that Sherwood Art Week coincides with this last hurly-burly term.  So there have been:
Children's assessments to moderate, finish and enter for the LA (local authority)
Our student teacher's observations and standards files to write up.
Planning for the coming week to do
Needle felted polar bear to finish
Painting to finish.
Pictures to frame, felt to frame, exhibition pieces to hang

In all of this it is easy to forget the boys and Tim.

Then there is this

Alpaca fleece, that came to me via Twitter of all places.  Beware making comments on people's pictures it sometimes results in gifts you can't refuse.  

I have never ever dealt with raw fleece before.  So I invested in a set of carding combs, a bucket and a sweater drying net.  Next was a trawl of the internet (wonderful invention, thanks Tim Berner's Lee; bet you had no idea what crafter's would do with your wonderful net!), Spinderella came up trumps with a guide to washing raw fleeces of different ilk.

Starting with a tiny batch as a trial run I am now hoping for sunshine, or warmth at least, so that I can have a go at carding the fibers.  The alpaca's that donated the fleece are a most beautiful combination of creamy white and butterscotch brown.  I can't wait to try out the felting to see how they turn out.

In between all that I have some stories to type up and send out there into cyberspace.  Could do with a little Wrinkle in Time just for me, anyone got a spare tesseract?


  1. my goodness, you really do sound busy!
    how fun that you get gifts from strangers, or new friends. I do too, amazingly generous is our world at times! wishing you time to do the things you wish to.

  2. Hey Charlotte, busy times..........hope you manage to get it all done and have fun using the Alpaca fleece.......

    Claire :)

  3. John on Going Gently Blog was offering the wool he gathered from his two brown sheep.....