Saturday, 22 June 2013

Altar-wise by owl light...

It was love at first sight;I promised myself if he was still there on my way back then we were destined for each other.

When I got him home he had brought a small gift with him.  

These two wonderful sculptures are by Simon Griffiths.  A man with a gift in his hands and a feeling for birds.  He is also phenomenally generous and I can't thank him enough, other than to say that I smile each time I look up from the reading chair in our living room.

If you are at Art in Action then seek him out. 


  1. Oh that dear little bird is so lovely. Is that a real owl ? I can't tell !

  2. He's beautiful Charlotte,and so is the wren.You have good reason to feel pleased with your purchase.

    Have a good week,

  3. Would you believe the owl is made of stoneware, the wren is bronze. What a talent.

    I can't really afford them. However, many years ago I talked myself out of buying a lithograph by Hans Erni, Circus Horses. I have regretted being sensible ever since. The owl and me? Love at first sight. So this time I decided not to regret and to find the money somehow.

    Next time you are in Notts lookout for the barefoot primary school teacher, that will be me 'cause I can't afford new shoes.

  4. At first I thought the owl was real!! This sculptor has such a specific talent...:)