Thursday, 24 January 2013

Please Help
What would you do if the person you loved and relied on most in all the world suddenly died?
Most of us would turn to our support systems -- parents, siblings, church groups, fraternal organizations.  But what if you didn't have those sources of support?  Then, I think, you would turn to your friends.
Gretel Parker is a talented artist, illustrator and artisan needlefelter who lives in the county of Shropshire in the United Kingdom.  She's also my friend.  Perhaps she's your friend too.  And right now she needs some financial support.
On 21 January, Andy Macauley -- Gretel's sweetheart and life partner of 21 years -- died.  The two had just moved to Shropshire and had bought their first house together, a place they christened "Bodge Cottage." Andy died without a will, and it will likely take many months for lawyers to determine what, if anything, is left for his sweetheart.  Meanwhile, life does go on and there are still bills to be paid -- funeral expenses, mortgage payments, electric bills, trips to the grocery store, and all the other costs of daily life.
Andy's job helped pay for things, but now he is gone and Gretel's situation is financially precarious. Although Andy's family is dear to her, Gretel has no living parents, no siblings, no one from the usual support system to help her get through this.
But she does have us. We can help her.
As mentioned, Gretel is very talented.  She has written and published several books, has been featured in the British craft magazine Mollie Makes, and has held several seminars to teach others the craft of needlefelting.  Her blog, "Middle of Nowhere," is a window into everyday life in rural Britain and has helped her meet and befriend many people around the world.  I have absolute faith that Gretel will get back on her feet when the time is right, and that she will be able to keep Bodge Cottage.  In the short term, she could use some financial assistance.
Any amount you could donate would be welcome -- and if you can't donate, you can still help by spreading the word about the Gretel Parker Project on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  Tell your friends and family.  Let as many people know as possible.  Please, help us to help Gretel.
Thanks for your time.20130122122221-paintgranny
I cannot put this any more succinctly than Suzanne (Gretel's friend who started the campaign).  It can happen to anyone; my own family has been touched by similar circumstances. Please help.


  1. Thankyou Charlotte, I've known Gretel as an online friend for several years and she's been so helpful to me with advice and support. It's lovely to see so many people help her at this awful time she's having to go through. I hope people will see this and pass it on too. Warm wishes, Jess xx

  2. Hey Charlotte, so glad someone has started something to help Gretel financially.......
    Gretel's tragic news, has really thrown me for six this week, it's so unbelievably sad.....
    I was worrying about how she would cope, here's hoping everyone will get behind this project ....heading over to FB now.

    Claire x

  3. Thank you for spreading the word. Her loss hit very close to home for me and I would not like to think of her having to cope with financial issues on top of the darkness of grief.
    Everyone who knows/knows of her just needs to add a little and we might be able to ease one part of what is to come.

  4. Such devastating news. So very, very unfair and sad.