Thursday, 27 December 2012

Work update

stage one am painting

stage two pm painting.

Matthew's Autumn picture (age 6 1/2 yrs)

The artists in the family have been at work.  I have the base work on the trees completed now.  I think I am happy with the way they look, but will need to add in the foreground before I am really sure.  The other picture is by my youngest (Matthew).  He rarely draws at home, which I suspect is because he finds sitting still very hard and is constantly dancing, running and bouncing.  At school, however, he produces some beautiful work.  This one came home in the book-bag, unremarked and yet remarkable.

Outside the window I have been distracted by these:

We feed the local birds, this year we have many more than usual as there is a marked absence of berries for 
them.  Windfall apples and meal worm for the blackbirds and fat balls for the sparrows, robin and tits.  This year we have also welcomed a pair of blackcaps.  This is Mrs B, with her lovely russet head;  Mr B prefers the cover of the forsythia, popping to the feeder only when he is sure the neighbourhood cats are absent.

I am also being easily distracted by this:

What a glorious Christmas present from my other half.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

The rising of the sun and the running of the deer, not to mention the birds

This morning (Christmas Eve) we have had visits from any number of garden birds.  So far the sightings include a male blackcap, a robin, numerous blue tits and great tits, a wren and the local blackbirds.  Our resident house and hedge sparrows are rather put out at sharing the feeder with this riff raff.

This is one of the carols that means Christmas to me, more than any other. I can remember loving it at school .
So in honour of memories of Christmases past and those to come I am posting the songs that mean Christmas to me.  Have a joyful and peaceful holiday, I hope each day brings with it small moments to treasure and songs to fill the heart.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Many moons ago, in the heart

I developed a passion for Eastern European and Slavic folk tales.  

The Fox, The Hare And The Rooster tells the story of a cunning fox, who chases poor hare out of her home;  the fox is then out witted by the rooster who uses words rather than brawn to remove the fox.

Time for a painting, methinks!  My three favourite animals and one bird in a picture (apologies to the Ox as there was not quite room for him).  After some research on other illustrators, some natural history sites and a rough sketch later I am well into the painting.

I love the the way a painting looks at this stage.  The ghosts of the characters are dancing on the board.  This is the first layer of under painting.  

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The delight of the inner child

My inner child and I are in complete accord

All done to the sound of I saw three ships, which is still my very favourite carol