Monday, 12 November 2012

Arto Paassilina, Hares and other wonders

This is one of my all time favourite books.  It is typically Finnish and utterly enchanting.  Paasilinna creates a strangely, blackly comic situation;  the vignettes of character and the simplicity of the story hold you from beginning to end.  If you like the films of the Kaursmaki's then you would probably love this.

I hadn't thought of the book for some time, until I was researching animal designs for some Christmas present projects I have in mind.  Trawling through the web I came across a fascinating site that deserves some in depth reading.
Moose Report

On the site I found a range of amazing articles on art and culture in Scandinavia: including some heart wrenching sculptures and this article on Paasilinna.

Scandinavian design tends to get a large coverage, due to the Sunday supplements and the IKEA effect.  Nordic Crime has had a real boost thanks to Wallander, Forbrydelsen and Yhe Bridge. However, much less is known of the writers (other than Tove Jansson), artists and cultural figures.  I am really looking forward to finding new books to read and new art to marvel over.

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