Sunday, 14 October 2012

The inhumanity of man

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I understand the helpless fury of farmers, that successive governments had done little to support the rural community or find real solutions to the problems.
HOWEVER, there is no proper evidence for the cull, the costs of the cull have not been compared to the costs of vaccination.  The unforseen problems of corpse disposal, spread of other diseases and the changes to local ecological niches has not been modelled properly.  Please stop yet another scandalous piece of knee jerk legislation lead us into this criminal act against nature.

Badger cull 'mindless', say scientists

Government's chief scientist among those who dispute evidence used to justify killings, which may begin imminently:
See today's Observer article, the picture is linked to the page:
Badger cull
There are also petitions to be signed
We have learned nothing: years up years of meddling with nature, reaping the whirlwind of disasters that we create and yet we still persist in learning nothing.


  1. The most scary thing is that the Government does this and all manner of other things,on our behalf.
    I don't know enough about it but can cattle not be inoculated against TB?
    Thanks for the link.


    1. I gather there is some evidence that the current movement of cattle for sale and the loss of local abattoirs is considered to be a common reason for the increase in bovine TB. There were a number of studies on the web showing that the lack of local markets, the distances being travelled and the loss of herd immunity as a result is as much to blame.

      I have friends who farm Belted Galloways and they don't think the badgers are to blame, rather the inequity of modern farming methods.

  2. Tried to sign the petition Charlotte, but understandably you have to be a UK citizen.
    I hope the petition creates the debate needed to stop this.......

    Claire :}

    1. Let's hope Claire, this country has a ridiculous track record on animals: we have some of the most stringent rules on farming pigs (in comparison to the EU) yet battery farm chickens. We abhor the use of veal, but ship weaners to the continent. There are still people who want to hunt foxes by dog and horse and break the ban every year!

  3. I signed the petition a while back and just recently sent a letter to my local mp too. Lets hope they see sense and listen to the people before it's too late.