Sunday, 7 October 2012

On my desk right now...

...are many things I would like to be doing and many things I should be doing.


  1. And the things you would like to do are tempting you, aren't they?:)
    I wish you to find time for everything!...

    1. Oh too, too tempting, since the photo I have also got out the sketch book and water-colours. I think the chances of me getting my children's books marked are getting less and less likely.
      Happy Weekend to you. xxx

    2. From the other side, the thought that something pleasant is waiting to be done is so consoling... I believe you'll "steal" some minutes for the things you would like to start with!:)

  2. Thank you for the tip about wet felting after needle felting, I think a little experimentation is needed. I could only see one thing on your desk that needs immediate attention and that was green and woolly, lol.

  3. love your new dragon that's appearing!

  4. oh, do i spy a dragon on your desk?
    there is always so much to be and should be doing. I feel like that today.