Monday, 22 October 2012

on the desk ...

...and in the garden.
A tidier than normal working space.

A change of address

The snow queen sketch

my Sherwood Forest Maple


A lone apple on the Lord Lambourn

Ready for winter


  1. Very tidy and I'm loving the colours of that maple!

  2. beautiful maple. just bought my first maple. so excited, they are lovely.

  3. A new season = new themes, inspiration and beauties! It looks so cosy at your place - I have the feeling you are ready for the cold and dark days...

  4. Hey Charlotte, do you feel you are being watched when you sit at your work desk?
    All sorts of creatures waiting to see what you are going to create next........
    A nice bright corner in which to work and a window with a view....lovely.
    Beautiful reds to cheer a grey day, stunning Maples and the apple and Holly? berries are a gorgeous splash of colour int he garden.

    Claire :}