Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Some things of beauty

My dad has been a photographer from the first moment he picked up a camera.  He is an unrepentant analogue (chemical) process photographer, who will not use a digital camera at all.  Over the years he has used Leicas, Hasselblad's (prior to which a Kowa 6, before retirement freed the money for it''s Swedish cousin) and his first and permanent love The Exakta.

He processes and prints all his monochrome in a home darkroom, my bedroom in fact.  Colour he no longer does at home, instead using a local printer who has the level of results he is happy with.

The above three pictures are a surprise present.  I happened to mention, whilst admiring them on the wall of his dining room, that they were my favourites of all his prints.  Lo and behold they arrived printed, framed and ready to go on our own walls.  Although he is only just coming to realise it, he is actually very, very good.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Owls are watching

I am dreaming of owls (when not dreaming of cycling to Birmingham!).  The Room Full of Butterflies reserved a small owl and here it is ready to fly.

I have been dreaming a story to be told as well.  This one in film form.

I have long loved shadow puppets and for some years have been teaching the children at work to stop motion animate.  Now it is my turn.  I need to set up the camera and cut the puppets; the story board has been roughed out and I have ideas of how to make this work for me.

I have one of the best books on the subject ready:

Just a minor problem of software.  My new work laptop doesn't have access to the RAM memory in my user area, so I cannot run the software I have used in the past.  However I think I can use another of the packages I have from work to solve the problem.  I love the effect of stop motion work, it is a visceral and tactile method of making films.  Hopefully I will have something to show for my efforts before long.

Monday, 22 October 2012

on the desk ...

...and in the garden.
A tidier than normal working space.

A change of address

The snow queen sketch

my Sherwood Forest Maple


A lone apple on the Lord Lambourn

Ready for winter

Monday, 15 October 2012

I see green through my cut glass eyes

Dragon fire

Shadowy figure

Standing proud.

Needle felting is rewarding, painful and time consuming.  I  am never  quite sure what shape the wool is begging to twist into, however this one is finding a level of personality I had not expected.  He is insisting on long and elegant toes, along with a set of delicate, if ragged, wings.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

The inhumanity of man


The above site will forward an e-mail to your mp.

I understand the helpless fury of farmers, that successive governments had done little to support the rural community or find real solutions to the problems.
HOWEVER, there is no proper evidence for the cull, the costs of the cull have not been compared to the costs of vaccination.  The unforseen problems of corpse disposal, spread of other diseases and the changes to local ecological niches has not been modelled properly.  Please stop yet another scandalous piece of knee jerk legislation lead us into this criminal act against nature.

Badger cull 'mindless', say scientists

Government's chief scientist among those who dispute evidence used to justify killings, which may begin imminently:
See today's Observer article, the picture is linked to the page:
Badger cull
There are also petitions to be signed
We have learned nothing: years up years of meddling with nature, reaping the whirlwind of disasters that we create and yet we still persist in learning nothing.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

On my desk right now...

...are many things I would like to be doing and many things I should be doing.