Tuesday, 11 September 2012

To take a deep breath

There are times when city living is suffocating.  Eventually, I reach breaking point and cannot bear the press of people and rise of buildings around me.  Having spent Saturday in the town (school shoes and essentials that can only be gotten there), my lovely husband organised me and took me out.

The little tract of ancient woodland, Ploughman's wood, is by far my favourite place to walk.  Season by season it offers treasures.  The wood is a mix of native species and some interlopers.  The whole area is being coppiced, step by step, and the interlopers are being removed so that the oak, ash and beech can flourish.  Evidence of this can be found with the movement of the charcoal ovens.
Sunday was a warm and dry day, the sunshine filtering through just green leaves.  Under ash we found a carpet of yellow leaves, whilst the oaks were still garbed in green.  Autumn is slowly stealing along the boundary of the wood; the fields are now stubble and the hedgerows flash the read of ripe hawthorn.

Despite this, clinging on in the sun, there were late bloomers.  A frail and lone columbine, bramble and fragile dog rose peeped out shy heads to the Indian summer.

Inside the wood itself there are signs of a deeper Autumn in the form of bracket fungus on the trunks of trees, acorns flowering with galls in the branches.  Under foot yellow fruit form.

This was a welcome afternoon of walking, chatting, picture taking.  Most importantly it was an afternoon of recharging very flat batteries and fortifying ourselves against the coming week. I will leave you with wanderings through the greenwood, if you listen carefully you may catch conversations that ranged from solids, liquids and gases to butterflies.


  1. I think the woods are a great place to go and recharge your batteries...something special about the peace and atmosphere you get amongst nature. Glad you got the chance to go out.

  2. What a wonderful place to recharge your batteries. I know the feeling and when I look out at all the buildings and rooftops here in NYC I can imagine how much you appreciated visiting the woods.....
    I was almost expecting to see a Badger somewhere in the woods!!
    This is post is putting me in a Brambly Hedge frame of mind. I love Autumn and the changes it brings.
    Hope the batteries were well and truly charged by the end of the day...

    CLaire :}

  3. An interesting idea to coppice instead of thinning and removing,and much better for wildlife. Who owns and operates the charcoal ovens?
    Thanks for sharing your visit.


  4. ah, you have a wonderful husband to organize a wander
    it all looks so inviting and soothing for the spirit Charlotte

    thank you for sharing your wander with us ~