Sunday, 2 September 2012

The right kind of badger but the wrong kind of rat

I have started work on a new needle felted piece.  I seem to have been missing stabbing my thumb and fingers; not to mention the incipient joint pains that needle felting causes in my elbow and thumbs. Ah well we should all suffer for our art!  Seriously though, I do miss having a felting project on the go but clay work and fibre do not mix so this sort of project has to be consecutive.
I have wanted to make a sculpted form of Badger from Wind in the Willows for a long time.  It was a favourite book, read by my dad as a bed time story.  He loves it as much as we do and he did the best voices.  I know it causes many politico's colly-wobbles, read it as a tale of knowing your place and of the English class system and it will do just that.  However, if you read it as a damn good yarn and a tale of adventure it is a wonderful story for children.  

So sources worked up and the ideas fixed firmly in my head and fingers, Badger is emerging from the Wild Wood.  Tim found a wonderful off cut of beech, whilst on his travels, this will be the intended plinth.  

In the mean time, our cat seems to have decided to get in on the act.  This mornings present, left carefully on the doorstep for me to find, was a rat.  Chi Chi is remarkably proud of his rat.



  1. Fascinating to see your animals emerge Charlotte. Chi Chi doesn't seem so interested now that the deed is done!


  2. Thanks Ruby. Chi Chi is a bit odd where rats are concerned. He will eat the females, just leaving a remnant for me to find, but he always lays the males on the doorstep; he refuses to eat them and then ignores them for the rest of the day.

    As we have quite a major rat population locally I have no objection to the ratting (only to him sneaking live ones in, to play with). It reduces the number of birds he predates on as well, so we keep our variety of garden birds.

  3. Hey Charlotte, Wind in the Willows in one of my favourite books too but I discovered it as an adult and read it to my son, who now loves it and Badger I think would have to be one of my favourite characters.
    Can't wait to see how yours turns out, your drawing is wonderful....

    What a hunter Chi Chi is and how unusual that he will eat the female rats and not the males. Tig left a present for us in the garage the day before we left.......a barely chewed bunny, but hubby has a feeling it was road kill he dragged home to impress us!!

    Claire :}

  4. looking forward to seeing this emerge. Cats ! They are so happy to share their kills proudly our little female is so pleased with herself & always shows off.
    Thanks for your Dallas memory which made me giggle...imagine keeping up drinking with Sue Ellen ? ( she does seem to have sobered up ! )

  5. Oh no, not a rat! Good thing you have a clever hunter there to catch it. The badger sounds like a fanastic project, the childhood magic will help you create! :)
    Jess x x

    1. Yep, one of the many that run along the ditch from the allotments to the roads behind our garden. They used to trespass onto the Lawn. Not now!

      I am looking forward to a quiet hours needle felting this weekend, now school is up and running and the lesson planning is under control.

      Hope the exhibition is going well.