Sunday, 16 September 2012

Mock up

Having spent several days trying to work out just how to put Badgers head onto a torso, finally I chose the cloth body solution.  Using an old doll pattern, I cut two pieces of calico out, back stitched them together and then stuffed the lower portion with hollow fibre fill.  Towards the upper shoulder and neck I switched to unbleached merino tops and then created a chrysanthemum of wool at the top of the neck.  This gave me a base to needle felt the head to.

After this I used the mix of black merino and brown wenslydale and leicester to create the fur on his neck, cheeks and back of the head.  For once I want fuzzy finishing and the wenslydale felts in such a way that this works well.

I will now need to wet felt some flat pieces to make a jacket.  I plan to make his arms in the same way as the head and body, using calico with a felted paw on each end.

 As I really wanted to see what he would look like in a cravat and jacket I thought I would mock up.  One old tea towel and an off cut gives me a rough idea of what he is going to look like.  I plan to give him a gentleman's shooting stick and possibly a cap.  He will stand on a lovely piece of off cut beech, found by Tim when he was out tramping the woods..


  1. I so enjoy watching the process of one of your marvellous creations coming together. Badger is going to look wonderful indeed!

  2. Oh my, he is going to be one dapper chappy Charlotte.......
    It sounds like you've worked your way through all the construction issues and he's coming together nicely.....interesting to read about all the different wools you've used and how they affect the 'look' you're after.
    A shooting stick and cap....I can't wait to see him finished. So very Wind in the Willows I loved the Badger.
    Hope your weekend is a good one...

    Claire x

  3. such a handsome Badger Charlotte.
    you really do need to get creative to figure out how to solve all the details. Very creative of you.

  4. what a wonderful handsome badger.

  5. Oh he is developing his character nicely. Interesting wools - sound like cheeses ! I think he should have a whole story of his own.

    1. I love the thought of needle felting cheese. What a sticky mess...and the cat would never leave me alone.

  6. Gorgeous badger, he's going to look fantastic.

  7. I must say, Charlotte..... I'm always "wowed" by your ability to create these wonderful lifelike creatures! Mr. Badger is perfect, and love is sweater!


  8. I really love this guy! I don't want to find him in my hen house, but I wouldn't mind having him over for tea and muffins. What a dandy!