Friday, 14 September 2012


The sky, yesterday, was a glory of pink, gold and grey blue.  It was as glorious in the morning as it was in the evening. The morning sky was raw and golden, fiery and fierce.  Yet, by the time I had fetched the camera it had fled away to leave a soft blue.  I was faster in the evening and captured the more gentle show.

PS, badger has grown some whiskers, but still no shoulders.



  1. I love it when the evening sun sets through the clouds and sets them aglow, it is so pretty. Love the Wind in the Willows and have also seen some wonderful plays of it. Loving watching your badger emerge. I saw my first badger while we were away. Sadly it had been run over and was lying dead on the side of the road. Not really how you want to see them.

  2. It's always the same,as soon as you turn away it changes.
    Badger is looking a trifle impatient I think!