Thursday, 9 August 2012

sprites and spriggans

Having a chance to try out new (to me) media is opening up possibilities.  I have had a sculpted version of the water sprite character in my head for a while.  I quite like the needle felted version, but the face didn't come out quite the way I imagined and I am not keen on the colour.  The medium is too matte for a water creature.

With that in mind I moved onto Das, air dry clay.  Cheap, not too difficult to sculpt, as a result it seemed the ideal medium for the more slick finish this character needs.  Again the face has changed, but I rather like the alterations.


  1. This work is so good. It is hard to put an expression into clay, let alone when using such a small ball of clay.

    1. Wow, thank you. The pen is a bit deceptive as a guide as it is one of the very thick felt tips (nicked from my kids box of pens). He is roughly 4" from chin to crown.

      Even so, I am glad you like him and quite overwhelmed by the praise. There are now two webbed feet, two webbed hands and some fore-arms currently drying. Will show you more as he comes together.

  2. it looks like this is on the tip of a pen, amazing how tiny it is and wonderfully detailed too. It looks a bit different from each angle, so it is fun that you are sharing it a few different ways.

    i was on your etsy shop yesterday and noticed that we have the same birthday. Maybe we discovered that long ago.... i forgot, fun all the same.

  3. Felt, clay, certainly aren't restricted by any medium.
    It's always interesting seeing how you take a drawing and then bring it to life Charlotte.
    Can't wait to see how he all comes together.......

    Claire :}