Monday, 6 August 2012

Having the time to play

One of the nicest parts of the long summer holiday is the gift of time. I have been enjoying the opportunity to just play with ideas; sketch with wool and play with forms and characters.  It also means a chance to play with one idea in different media.
This little character is going to find it's way into watercolour, wool and polymer clay.  He was inspired by the tiny frog that we found on the walk around Wimbleball lake.  From that fragile limbed amphibian to a fully fledged water sprite.  Maybe with a story attached.
There will be time to play today, with more ideas and then some updates to the post as they happen.

In the meantime we also made another find:
Identified as the biggest of the hoverflies in the UK. The picture doesn't really give a good idea of size, about the size of a thumb from tip to knuckle. An amazing mimic with wasp patterning.


  1. Charlotte,I love the way your characters possess such life and vibrancy from the beginning. This one is almost spookily real!

    Enjoy your free time.....I feel sure you will.

  2. That hoverfly is a born impressionist.

  3. first; i love the artist in you. sculpting inspired by a frog who is also a water sprite, then your sketch is absolutely wonderful! so fun to see what you create.

    this fly is amazing! look at the details in the wonderfully clear photos you have! love the two antenna.

    lovely day to you and welcome home.

  4. Hey Charlotte , love the drawing and the little face peering at me from the screen. It has a very 'knowing' look about it......

    Hoverflies don't know much about them, but it certainly looks quite they bite?

    CLaire :}