Friday, 13 July 2012

A necessity of Trees

Some plants are essential for the health of the soul.  For me, trees are a necessity; I cannot bear the thought of a place without them.  When life gets too much my feet make their way to walks in favourite woodlands.  When I can't get to natural woodland I head to local park, where we are blessed with a copse of beeches, birches and ash.

All my life has been spent on the outskirts of a large urban conurbation, right now that is a part of north Nottingham that -ironically- takes the name: Sherwood.  However we are blessed with a number of trees that hide the more intrusive elements of buildings and the claustrophobia of people.

Each of the local houses has trees on the ridge behind as well as in the gardens in front.  Our own garden is very tree oriented.  It does mean we have less places for flowers, unless they can cope with shade, but I can live with that.

This year has not been kind to the fruit trees, the apples have suffered with hot March sun, followed by cold April and May rain that scorched the set of the fruit.  But the oak is thriving, although this must be kept trimmed as it is close to several houses.  We also have a holly that is home to many birds and insects, providing shelter, leaf mulch and safety within its root and branch.

Sometimes, if you let the suspension of your disbelief, you can almost believe there is no-one else around us.

The hint of urban furniture just shows through. I have trained my eyes not to see the lamp-posts or the edges of a roof.  Without this view I am not sure I would be able to live here but with it we are home.


  1. Lovely post Charlotte,your wooded hilltop view is beautiful.Trees are an essential part of my life too,luckily around Edinburgh we have quite a choice of woodland walks.
    What are the white spots on some photos?

    Happy weekend,

  2. I think the white spots are rain drops. It was drizzling when I went out. Although "Dr Who" tried to fix that camera with his sonic screw driver and it has not really recovered. It may be the influence of the time lord.

  3. I agree; trees are very important to most of us. I live in a woodland and sometimes take it for granted but always feel the benefit of taking a walk among them. I am glad to see your houses are allowed to have such wonderful specimens. It saddens me to know that some newer build places have height restrictions and disallow anything over a large shrub; soul-destroying.

    1. Thanks for visiting, you are lucky living in a woodland, both my boys want to live in a forest. They come from Finnish stock and Gran'ma's house is in the middle of a birch forest. Sadly work dictates we live in town at the moment.

      I could not bear to live with height restrictions, we get woodpeckers and tawny owls; sparrow hawks and a wide variety of moths thanks to our trees.