Tuesday, 3 July 2012

introductions to the moveable feast.

There have been some amazing things going on on the internet: Terri Windling, The Froud's and a Mermaid in the Attic.  Each musing on the creative urge and the making of art.  These are massively important conversations; whether you are arty or not.  The urge to creativity is nascent in us all, we should nurture and develop it, care for and feed it.  The more we do so the better we will become as a species.

Yet, there are disturbing winds in the aether, idealogues who devalue the use of hand rather than mind.  Further to the discussions had by The group above I have been following Michael Rosen and his fight against the trends we see in education.  In it's own way his agenda parallels that of Terri et al; for his fight against standardisation is the fight for the individual and the human need to create.

If you have not yet joined the discussion, or read your way onto the fringes climb through the holes, then follow the path below to the dialogues happening.  Before you do that, click on TED and listen.  It is slightly scary to think this was 2006 and nothing has yet changed.

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