Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sketching in wool (and Little Owl came too)

Today has been a day of finishing off the Little Owl that has been on my work table for some days.  It was also a day for trying out some ideas in wet felting and then needle felting into the surface for the finer details.


  1. Charlotte,
    these are each wonderful! such an awesome bunny, love that thin waste and the ears flying backwards.

    the owl, that is a treasure for sure!

  2. Little Owls are rather special here because we are lucky enough to have them each year and we are able to observe them at all times during the day. They used to make our cat's life a misery, (dive bombing him in broad daylight) but sadly, he died last week and so the owls will have a free "reign".............

  3. Hey Charlotte, you'll be pleased to finish the owl and get such a wonderful result. He really is a very handsome fellow and those eyes.......

    Love the Hare as well, looks like you've been having some creative fun over the weekend.

    CLaire :}

  4. Goegeous stuff. Love the hare, he is so alive! Your such a busy woman I take my hat off to you. :)