Friday, 11 May 2012

Taking flight in a different way

Longshanks, Girth and the Fool of the World; each is on the Flying Ship with Keen in the crow's nest.
Not entirely happy with Longshank's face but love his stockings.

This is the introduction to the story, as told by Robin Williams, it is a Rabbit Ears production.  The story accompianied us around Suffolk and up to Ilkley during the summer last year.


  1. oh! this is full of the spirit of adventure and wonder. Such a joy to see.

  2. Hey Charlotte, not just his stockings but his boots too........

    As always in awe of your talent. Look forward to seeing the finished painting.

    Claire x

  3. Love the mast head... the boots... and the face in the porthole. Amazing work.. I wonder what tales they all have to tell? :) Ruth

  4. Great artwork! I'm also a huge fan of the Robin Williams' version of the Fool and the Flying Ship!