Sunday, 13 May 2012

Faerie flight & Out hunting for who knows what...

The Fairy Tree nr Halam

Fae,  the fair folk, the Sidhe, Faerie, Little people, Tomte, trolls, the stories traditions for these people are intertwined through out human history.  No matter where you go in the world there are stories of a world we cannot see that exists alongside our own. It is a dangerous and uncomfortable world; we do not know it's rules completely.  Often uwary mortals are caught in the snare of glamour, only to return into a time out of mind.  Anger the inhabitants of these worlds and we must pay the consequences.  

We humans have perpetually been both in love and in fear of the Fair folk; they fascinate some and repel others.  Some long to dance with them others to destroy them.  Iron binds them, we can use it to keep ourselves from their snare.  Eat of their food and we become entrapped, unable to leave without sacrifce.  We leave milk out to appease the brownie and house troll.  We hang horse shoes over our doors for luck.  We see flashes out of the corners of our eyes; yet when we look nothing is to be seen.

Mayflies (click to link to article in Guardian)

It is always wise to heed traditions and beware of angering the fair folk.  Keep looking out of the corner of your eye, you never know what you might see.

I wrote this post in honour of the Mayfly dance that I saw yesterday, they reminded me of fairies in flight.
We also drove past the Halam fairy tree!

This morning the weather is just too gorgeous for words.  So I will let the pictures do the talking....

Where could this be leading to?

I have a bit of a thing about red brick walls.

Copper glory

The wren who chivied me through the park

Songster, singing so hard he quivered.

Chestnut candles.


  1. Wonderful post! Faeries always in my imagination.. :) Love the pictures Ruth

  2. Hi Charlotte.
    I went for a walk after reading your blog and came across a faerie ring, toadstools. It's obviously a faerie day today! lol Ruth

  3. I have a thing for walled gardens !

    1. Me too Penny, this one is in the middle of a park in Nottingham and was the kitchen garden for the old grange. Now it houses the greenhouses for the City Council Parks department.

  4. I love it when the world turns a fresh green after winter. We all seem to like the idea of having a little magic around us too.

    It might just be me but I always thought fairies were a cruel kindness; something to blame the little inexplicable happenings on such as milk turning sour, and as a relief from the desperate struggle for survival when a sick baby was born into an already overstretched household. The fairies are known to have stolen children and I can imagine depressed and starving families, no contraception and with little outside help taking some tough decisions.

    1. I agree Bella, they were a way of explaining life's inconsequential cruelties; in Scandinavia the Tomten are not entirely benign. If little things began to go wrong: souring milk, breakages and so on it would be because you had not treated Tomten with respect.

  5. Lovely to see the spring greenery and horse chestnut blossom.For their size wrens do make quite a loud sound!


    1. Thank you Ruby, that particular wren followed me around the park, I must have passed the nest at one point. The Chaffinch was singing fit to burst and I also saw our local nesting Blackcaps. I love Woodthorpe, it makes living in the city bearable.