Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Rediscovering the joy of drawing

There is something about reconnecting with old skills that is very pleasing.  I have continued to sketch in both pencil and now in watercolour as well.  I am also enjoying sharing these pictures with you all, I hope they are giving an equal measure of delight in the showing as they have in the making.
~3rd April postscript~

I have not sat and just drawn like this for a long time.  I had forgotten how liberating monochrome and pencil is.


  1. Hey Charlotte, your drawings are amazing......I wish I could say the same thing and produce some wonderful pictures...

    It's always nice to rediscover something you haven't done for a while.

    Enjoy Easter, I hope the weather's not too bleak after all the sunshine....

    Claire :}

  2. Your drawings would make great illustrations.......my favourite is the troll!

    Happy Easter,

  3. Oh Charlotte..... your drawings are just wonderful! I love the fantasy wildlife things that you do so much. Such talent!


  4. Thank you kind ladies, I am really enjoying the whole reconnection with drawing. Glad you are enjoying them. It does give me something to do on these cold and damp April days.

  5. i love the feeling you capture or express in your sketches, especially the top two. i love drawing too, good for one in so many ways. keep on enjoying.

  6. These are lovely sketches. I always find drawing a struggle, although fascinating, and the reward is that if I draw something unprepossessing I can discover the beauty in it. I'm talking about copying type drawing though, not creative like yours. I find that creative reward in writing not drawing. Strange how different things bring out our creative and analytical sides.

  7. You are very talented. I especially like the sheep. Good to hear you are enjoying drawing x