Sunday, 22 April 2012

The handmade prayer

Oh Lord won't you buy me a brown mohair bear,
my friends all have Nintendo's but I really don't care.
Cos for most of my lifetime I've wanted handmade;
So Lord won't you buy me a brown mohair bear.
little old mohair circus bear
Northfield Primitives wonderful work

Oh Lord won't you buy me a Gretel made hare,
I can't make my own one, there's too much talent there.
I'd wait by my post box, most every day.
So Lord won't you buy me a Gretel made hare.
Gretel Parker and her amazing needle  felt

Oh Lord won't you buy me a Small Tomas doll.
He's tiny and jointed and ever so small.
I'd love him and watch him, with so much darn care,
So Lord won't you buy me a Small Tomas doll.
Gillian Lee Smith: an amazing artist

Oh Lord won't you buy me my treasury list,
there so many artists who need to exist,
on the purchase of others who love what they do
So Lord buy me something .....handmade... won't you.

With apologies to Janis Joplin.
Please go and look at the work of some of these lovely lovely artists and buy their work; rather than the mass produced junk from a high street chain.  These are just three of the sites that offer amazing work.


  1. Please click on the captions to the pictures for the lovely treasures in all their glory.

  2. such a cute way of sharing these treasures
    i knew what song you were playing with from the get go!

    love your humor in the previous post too. as for spam, i think you might be able to mark it as spam somewhere in google.... not sure. Sorry I am not more help.

  3. Thank you Charlotte,interesting to view your selection!


  4. Thank you, I was feeling a bit whimsical last week. However I have long wanted one of Gretel's pieces, she achieves a level of quality in her needle felting I really aspire to. Gill's work appeals to the storyteller in me, I have made hand puppets and rod puppets on and off for some years (at a very amateur level). Her little jointed figures remind me of that North Eastern European tradition.

    As for Sarah's primitives, they are miniature delights. She makes a push a long Lakeland Terrier that I covet. I wanted a real one as a child but our dog wouldn't tolerate other animals.