Monday, 30 April 2012

A place in which to find my centre.

Work in progress, next to it's inspiration.

Finished polar bear.

This shelf makes me smile whenever I see it
Table of work on going...the boys love their warhammer miniatures.

A place for the Easel, puppet and cat.

Some of my favourite things

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The handmade prayer

Oh Lord won't you buy me a brown mohair bear,
my friends all have Nintendo's but I really don't care.
Cos for most of my lifetime I've wanted handmade;
So Lord won't you buy me a brown mohair bear.
little old mohair circus bear
Northfield Primitives wonderful work

Oh Lord won't you buy me a Gretel made hare,
I can't make my own one, there's too much talent there.
I'd wait by my post box, most every day.
So Lord won't you buy me a Gretel made hare.
Gretel Parker and her amazing needle  felt

Oh Lord won't you buy me a Small Tomas doll.
He's tiny and jointed and ever so small.
I'd love him and watch him, with so much darn care,
So Lord won't you buy me a Small Tomas doll.
Gillian Lee Smith: an amazing artist

Oh Lord won't you buy me my treasury list,
there so many artists who need to exist,
on the purchase of others who love what they do
So Lord buy me something .....handmade... won't you.

With apologies to Janis Joplin.
Please go and look at the work of some of these lovely lovely artists and buy their work; rather than the mass produced junk from a high street chain.  These are just three of the sites that offer amazing work.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Getting some interesting visitors

I am getting a truly international readership these days, not to mention from exceptionally interesting walks of life. I have a number of Russians who come by regularly, often from strange advertising companies.  From the US I get a number of detective agencies; this leaves me with images of Humphrey Bogart, hat over his eyes:
"Just google me kid, I'll know what to do!"

I have also had one or two ladies and gentlemen of the night (not of the vampiric nature either).
Who has been your most odd visitor listed in your stats?

PS does anyone know how to block persistent spam sites

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Some places are special

Come take a walk with John and me.  You will need boots as the tracks can be muddy.  The sun has been up for a couple of hours so the air is warm, however you will need a jacket in the shadows.

 Listen carefully, the air is full of song, skylark and dunnock, robin and great tit.  Every now and then a harsh croak and crack from a pheasant cuts through.  Overhead the buzzard wheels around on lazy thermals; below, in the wood, the tap-tap of a woodpecker echoes against the branch.

Take in a breath, smell the honey and cabbage of the oilseed rape, releasing the scents into the sunshine.  Look there goes the skylark, up-up-up until he is no more than a speck in the blue.  Look around at the blackthorn blossom, the holly green and the burgeoning spring as it begins to swell the hedgerow.

Carefully through the gap, turn right into the ancient woodland.  There at your feet are the jewelled anemones, bluebells and violets.

Here and there are the final golden nuggets of the celandines along with the paler yellow of primroses.  Bare branches begin to cloth themselves in green, hiding the curls and spikes of their many fingers.  Here and there are signs of others, leaving their mark.

This place is a special place, come take a walk with John and me.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

fidgety and restless

I can tell I am feeling fidgety, I have been messing with the blog background again.

I start to get very twitchy at this time of year.  I find myself frustrated by the lack of time and the quantity of things I would like to do, versus the things I have to do.  Right now I must complete my assessments, marking and planning, ahead of next weeks return to work.  We are 4 weeks off the SATs week.  This is such a crucial time for school, due to the use made of the results by the powers that be.  HOWEVER, the heart is yearning towards decorating and finishing the new hobby room.

Come through the new door.

Ignore the mess.

See the potential.

Imagine the magic that will be created in here.

I really want to be getting on with projects in progress.  I have been playing with making naive style toys, using calico, dyes and paint to make simple rag dolls.
We all have a song inside.
 I also have a range of needle felted animals, swimming inside my imagination,  inspired by this recent read.  

Nanuk is singing.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Primitive cat looking for a name

I rather like rag dolls and primitive/naive art so I thought I would have a try:

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Rediscovering the joy of drawing

There is something about reconnecting with old skills that is very pleasing.  I have continued to sketch in both pencil and now in watercolour as well.  I am also enjoying sharing these pictures with you all, I hope they are giving an equal measure of delight in the showing as they have in the making.
~3rd April postscript~

I have not sat and just drawn like this for a long time.  I had forgotten how liberating monochrome and pencil is.