Sunday, 4 March 2012

Feeling Ambitious

I have had this image in my head for weeks, in fact she has been haunting my dreams and demanding to be given flesh.  She is also not keen on the idea of stasis so I have returned to my precious rod and hand puppet book for ideas.  Will continue to post the development along with many requests for help and ideas.

Before long this began to emerge, The character is a Babushka, there are overtones of Baba Yaga about her but I am not sure yet whether that is who will begin to come out of the character.  But she is very definitely Eastern European, experience and time will be in her face and hands and austerity and simplicity in her dress and headscarf.  Although I do intend a little embellishment in memory of youth..

This is the final edit for the day, Baba is beginning to reveal her personality, she is no longer as severe as her drawn version.



  1. She certianly made herself known to you - coming out of your dreams !

  2. one of the things i am amazed by with doll makers is that they also draw amazing pieces! Two skills that i love taking in as an observer. Both your sketch and doll are awesome Charlotte!

  3. Absolutely sensational Charlotte! I'm just amazed how you can bring her to life with felt!

  4. Thank you all, she is coming on a pace now, I will put up a new photo as soon as the hands are done. They need leathering and wrinkling as all good babushkas hands are.