Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hatchling part two

First take one egg and keep warm by the fire side; make sure the egg is cushioned as the hatchling inside can be very restless.

Before long the small beak will break through the eggshell and the hatchling will begin to emerge.  Be careful of the sharp claws, like all newly borns he is a little unsteady and will use his toes for anchorage.

Dragonets have very sharp tails and have been know to push them out of the other end of the shell, thus they can become stuck and will have to be fed tales and songs to keep them happy.

Dragon Small was a joy to make, starting at the tail (there is a lot of personality in a tail) and then creating nose, eyes and ears.  The egg is felted to form (a paperweight in this case).  Dragon small is then needle felted onto a wire armature before being inserted into his egg.  Then he is finished off  with more needle felting to anchor him in place.

I am rather proud of Dragon Small as he was made for a very talented and special person, someone who has an undoubted affinity with dragons both big and small.  If you would like to see him in his new home

To find out about the wonderful Lady of the Dragons herself look here


  1. I am enchanted with your talent and this awesome dragon hatchling.

    can you tell me, is there catnip in the wee mouse? My moms cat is enchanted with it.

  2. Charlotte, he is adorable in every way!