Monday, 20 February 2012

Another year older and another year wiser...possibly not

Today I have reached the ripe old age of 44. Droopy Drawers according to my mate Carl (obviously he spends far too much time at the Bingo hall).  I have had a great day; homemade cards from my boys; a beautiful print of a hare from my husband; lovely books and things from my family.

Yesterday I went walking with my family (although missing my littlest one who was out at a sleepover).  And what do you think I might have got up to?
Come on then

I'll get there before you
She's doing it

Hey Mum, I can go faster than you

She's your daughter!
No she's yours!

The only downside of rolling down the hill at the age of 40+ is that you stay dizzy for much longer and you get photo's taken of you behaving disgracefully.

I got a lovely selection of goodies today:
My cake, decorated by my boys.

They wrote a book about me and Tim

What a fantastic present.


  1. Hey Charlotte, hope you had a lovely day and best wishes for the coming year.........

    Blue sky and sunshine, wonderful..........

    Love the pic of your parents and your little comment, very funny.

    Gorgeous Hare print too and the cake looks yuuummmee....

    Just thought, I lost my mum when I was your age, can't believe it's six years ago.......give your mum a hug from me net time you see her.
    They're very special people mums.....

    Claire :}

    Oh, almost forgot, the birthday wish bra, hilarious.......better than an invisible cloak that's for sure, hehe......

  2. What a lovely day! You are so L O V E D!
    I adore the cookie. So cute.
    It looks like you had a beautiful time.

  3. Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to us!

    Love the bunny picture :)
    And good for you hill-rolling still!
    I might've remained up top with the folks myself ;)