Sunday, 15 January 2012

I love Radio plays

Elidor book cover This is the link to the current radio play version of one of my all time favourite stories.

I was introduced to Alan Garner at Primary School.  We were read the story of Elidor, we acted out the story, we created dances in music and movement.  It is a measure of how strong an impact it had on me as I was eight years old.

I am now reliving the feelings and excitement again through the fabulous adaptation currently on BBC Radio4 Extra.

Radio plays are one of my very favourite ways to meet new stories, I love how I am not dictated to; I am not told what things should look like; instead, we are nudged and guided by sounds and voices towards the pictures in our heads.

The BBC have a wealth of wonderful adaptations, if you have access to BBC radio then please look out for their adaptation of the Kipling's The Jungle Book: Eartha Kitt is the best Kaa ever.  Look out for Narnia, the whole sequence, listen for Tin Tin, Five Children and It, Old Peter's Russian Tales.
If it is adult stories you like then listen out for Falco (the Lindsay Davies stories of the Roman detective), Book at Bedtime will introduce you to others.  It is one of life's pleasures, the surround sound cinema in your head.

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