Sunday, 11 December 2011

What a wonderful world: some of the things that remind me it truly is a wonderful world

Each picture is a key to a wonderful world.
What a wonderful world

Rose-ringed parakeets roost in a copse in Wormwood Scrubs Park on 6 December

The glory that is Rima Staines' work.
Anja in the Horse Chestnut

James Mayhew, who opens the ears through the eyes!

The place where my husband grew up.
Peak District View - Panoramic views of the Peak District

The place where I grew up
[An image showing Wigston Magna]

A master.
File:Pieter Bruegel d. Ä. 106b.jpg

The perfect book for the fireside.
Inkheart Cover art

Along with my family (who I am too greedy to share visually) these are just some of the things that make me count my blessings and think of it as a wonderful world.


  1. How lovely Charlotte, thank you for including me amongst greats like Brueghel and Lotte Reiniger :)
    A warm winter to you

  2. lovely to experience some of your wonderful things. wishing you a lovely day, today and each day beyond!

  3. It truly is a wonderful world, isn't it? I looked at this post yesterday and marvelled at your choices, particularly the shadow puppet films, they are outstanding.

  4. what a wonderful post and world Charlotte! Love the videos, and have been by to watch them a couple of times. Thanks for dropping by, love hearing from you.....

  5. Lovely to hear from all of you, all are welcome here.