Friday, 23 December 2011

The Problem is the Imperative

or as they are known at primary school "those bossy verbs".
My imperative is do it; make it;  paint it...!

The down side is that I don't always finish off the work started by a previous bossy thought that impelled me to start something.

I am rather ashamed by the fickleness of my devotion and the flibberty-gibbet way I approach my creations.

The only two finished pieces are these:

Oh well, I have a small amount of time to myself today, so I think a bit of dedication to neglected projects might be in order; don't you?


  1. Love the goose! I have the same problem, except that needle felting IS my day job, so that does get done. I have so many other things I want to do though, and so I've put aside a week now to at least get them planned - but I'll probably find myself needle felting at some point!

  2. I do that as well! That's the trouble with loving so many different crafts. I keep trying to gather all the unfinished projects together and promise myself to finish them - have never quite succeeded so far! Your goose is wonderful:))

  3. Charlotte...... this is a very interesting post to me, because I enjoy looking at your work in progress. Especially your drawing. Such detail!! And I adore your felted owl and painted goose. After Christmas, I may get out my roving and felting needle. It's too late now, but the little felted creatures would make wonderful Christmas gifts. Thanks for always checking in with me, and being such a lovely and interesting bloggy buddy. Merry Christmas!

  4. Hey Charlotte, I think we all the same to one degree or another.....
    Who doesn't have a few UFO's stashed away in the cupboard where they can't see the light of day and remind us of our wandering ways......
    Finished or not your projects look very interesting.

    Claire :}

  5. oh my, look at your wonderful creations! that bear is awesome, i saw it in the next post too. and this painting is charming and full of wonder!