Monday, 5 December 2011

Chanticleer and Reynard

I have really enjoyed painting this.
Waiting for a frame

Chanticleer taunting.

I am very fond of the story, first learnt as the Aesop fable:  The Fox and The Crow.  Later, at university, I was introduced to the story in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
The canvases were bought in the summer, gesso-ed and left to dry, then fear set in and I found excuse after excuse not to paint impasto style.  However once I had the idea I got going and really enjoyed what I have made.

I found a lovely retelling of the Nun's Priests tale on you tube.  For anyone who doesn't know the story:

The videos are great and if you want an accessible version of Chaucer he has retold quite a number of the tales.


  1. Oh Charlotte, it's fabulous.........I love it.
    I can see why you enjoyed it. Must be fun to watch the process unfold before you.

    Having chooks and a rooster, foxes are always a worry around here.

    I don't actually know the fable so I must go and educate myself.......

    Claire :]

  2. Charlotte.... your painting is wonderful!! And I enjoyed listening to the fable. Great post! Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comment. I must remark that I think the same about you as to having your hands in so many different creations. And you do them all so well!!