Sunday, 4 September 2011

Paper pop outs.

I love the unexpected; I love intricate and delicate creations; I love engineering and it's applications; it therefore stands to reason that I love 3d books. One of my very first was this one, bought for me by my brother along time ago

I love the way the view into the park can be changed as the pages are stood together in different combinations.

Then more recently I was given the means to make my own.

This book is wonderful for giving you techniques and tips, as well as practice.

But my most recent addition is this one:

I love this book, it is elegant in the simplicity of the design; a design that cleverly gives three dimensions to each page of the story.  I love the combination of painted and needlefelt illustrations and the way that characters are depicted in both forms.  I think Gretel's work is superb! I can't afford her actual pieces but I can own them this way.

I recommend you try and get yourself a copy of the Puddletown Tales, the stories are delightful and the illustrations are a joy.  Each time I have looked through I find something new.  I think that is what attracts me to good 3d books, there is so much to look at and absorb.  I know that technology gives children virtual worlds, interactive gaming and now "3d" screens but there is nothing to match the brilliance of the works above.  One day I am going to have a go at making my own.


  1. Ooh thank you Charlotte! That is really kind; I did put all kinds of tiny in-jokes in my books - but did you spot the reference to the famous Impressionist painting? I have that Victorian repo. pop up book too, but had completely forgotten about it until I saw yours. For a horrid moment, I thought I'd de-junked it, but happily I have found it and looked at it for the first time in about ten years!

  2. Wonderful books. My children are severely Dyslexic & they are now teenagers doing incredibly well but these types of books helped to bring the words flowing......