Sunday, 18 September 2011

Wanting the moon and getting it!

Nottingham is gifted with a number of extremely talented and very generous artists.  A number of them offer workshops through a number of venues, one of which is Lakeside.  This weekend the lovely Gillian Cox (perhaps known to some as Gillian Lee Smith) ran a workshop on how to create a version of her incredible textile dolls.

I have long coveted Gillian's work so the opportunity to finally meet her and have a go was too good to miss. it was a very enjoyable day, along with some very nice people.  We were able to look at Gillian's work in the flesh and learn how she makes her characters.  Then, with a pattern designed by her, we had a go at making our own versions.

I chose to tweek a bit and made a moon gazing hare.  I am absolutely delighted with him, and keep looking at him, currently he is residing on top of the piano.

I have photographed him from each side, as the pattern extends around his base.  There is also a close up of the painting here:
Cow parsley by moonlight
If you ever have the opportunity to take a workshop like this then do; it was a very creative and stimulating afternoon and I have an object I am exceptionally proud of.  

Post Script:
Husband's comment "He looks a bit smug!"


  1. Well, so he should look pleased with himself, he's adorable! I thought I detected a look of Gillian about him, when I saw him first, though I know her as 'Gifling' from early blogging days.

  2. Oh i love your moongazey hare, i have a real soft spot for hares. Love the detail around the bottom. I had forgotten about Gillians beautiful creations, thank you for the reminder, of to catch up on them now!

  3. Thank you ladies, it was a fantastic day. Gillian also brought some of her little clay characters. I loved them in photo form, but now having seen them for real I covet them even more. I am now trying to think of ways to simplify the process a bit so we can have a go in school and make simple painted mice or something similar.

  4. Hello charlotte! what a wonderful blog post, thank you so much. sorry it has taken me so long to find it - I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of your blog and having been through my embarassingly long blog roll list I couldn't recognise it from there either! but now I have so will remember. anyway I am so glad you enjoyed it and I am really excited at the new characters you are creating. Thanks also for the wonderful inspirational images you have shared here. hope to meet you again soon! (ps hope you don't mind but I have linked to this post from my own belated blog on the workshop :)