Sunday, 11 September 2011

Just like Alice we followed the instructions on the label.

Last year I achieved my ambition to have a wood burning stove put in.  With much thanks to my lovely mum, dad and mother in law (who kindly gave us an envelope with some green stuff in at Christmas) we put together the money.  By Christmas day we had a lovely cozy living room with a gentle glowing fire - now known as the proper telly. However we didn't have money for a fire surround.  The fire sat in the tiled hearth with a grey painted wall around it and some of the tattiest plaster work.

But just look at it now!

On the way home from work last week we passed a mantelpiece sitting outside a garden gate.  Pinned (okay blu-taked) to it was a label:
  "Free, please take me."
So, just like Alice, we followed the instruction on the label.  Husband duly got out of the car, hoicked said mantelshelf over his shoulder and manfully carted it down the hill.   

So far we have not shrunk or expanded up the chimney...Bill Lizard has not appeared and the White Rabbit recently left home.  However I think we do have our own little door and, as with Alice, we can be found sat in front of it looking in.

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