Thursday, 1 September 2011

Christmas is coming and the wishlist is getting fat.

I have posted about books before and I think it is coming clear that my love of all things paper, printed and bound is endless.  No Kindles for me; I love the feel of a new book and the smell.  I love the anticipation of the words and pictures.  More than anything I love children's picture books, any age and most illustrators.  My only requirement is imagination, well written text and pictures painted with passion.

Findus At Christmas (Findus & Pettson)

Above is the newest edition to my wishlist.  If you have not yet met Pettson and Findus please seek them out.
We were introduced to these by my husband's aunt (the much missed Kapi) who bought us this one:
Findus Goes Camping (Findus & Pettson)
 from Stockmann's, in Helsinki, when John was little.

Not long after that we got this one:

Pancakes for Findus (Findus and Pettson)
this time from Waterstones.  It was then that I discovered the lovely Hawthorn Press, who have the English translation rights for the UK.

The stories are about a lonely old man and the kitten who he is given as a companion; the stories also give a flavour of rural Scandinavian life, the animals that live there and the Tomte, muckles and trolls that live in the houses.

The new book is out in January, I can't wait.

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  1. So want to buy the "Findus" books already. Next payday me thinks I will be purchasing one. Thanks for sharing. I so love books!