Saturday, 24 September 2011

Blue Polar Bears, small white mice and a new passion

Thank you, thank you, Thank you to Gillian Cox!  As you may know I spent last Sunday at her whimsical creatures workshop.  Having loved every minute of that I have been trying hard to think of a way of teaching my year 6 children how to make a simple version.  I have also had Finnish Bears and Kalevala creatures haunting my day dreams.

Work in progress, I am slightly embarrassed by the wine glasses, especially as there are only two of us here.
Gillian's techniques involve painting and sanding to 'age' the finished piece.
Nearly finished (in background you can see a doll made last year).

Meeting Moongazey hare on the mantleshelf.

Joined by a naked mouse.

I have a number of animals racing and chasing through my head right now, they come from many distant lands.
Marimekko's classic take on the Kalevala

The wonderful Klaus Haapieniemi

I have one of the lovely mugs he designed for Arabia / Ittala

Mine is the blue version of the above mug,  we just can't afford the dinner service but I covet it every time we walk along Esplanade in Helsinki and press our noses to the Arabia window; like children at a sweet shop.

Some years ago my husband bought me this for my birthday; I don't wear very much jewelry but this necklace is my most prized piece along with my wedding ring and "engagement" ring (we eloped to Finland so didn't really do the whole engagement thing!)  My rings are also both Kalevala Koru, the "engagement" ring is also the Kalevala Koru bear.

Anyhow, these bears have been stalking through my head and calling to me to come to life.  Here is the first of them

I am not sure about the colour scheme yet, and the unsewn calico is a smaller version of the first one.

I also have the first layer of colour on mouse; he is planned to have cornfields around his base, in a simple design.  This one will go into school and we will see if we can make something similar.


  1. Wow I love your blue polar bear, he is just great!

  2. These are all lovely, but the blue bear is really excellent!