Monday, 29 August 2011

Merging of ideas?

I recently started a blog for short bits of writing, inspired by taking part in the river of stones exercise.  However it is not often visited and I am bit dispirited with it.  If the only reader is me then I would be better off using a notebook and pen.  The problem may have been that I didn't have a proper purpose in mind for it.

I am going to copy over the most recent post here, I would like to know whether I should persevere with it or whether I should archive it?  If it gets some visitors I will think on it further.

traditionally considered to be stones with a natural hole in them; these stones (often flint) were prized as wards against evil.  They were hung over the door or around the neck for protection; they were also hung from the bridles and neck collars of working horses, protecting horse and driver whilst they were working.

Lonely ploughman and horse, dusk descending so that the trees become silhouettes.  No longer the friendly green clothed oak or ash, now eerie blocks of menace, peopled by crows, and rooks that creak and caw.  Hung from the collar, tipping onto the brasses and leather, is his hagstone. Turned up by the ploughs metal blade, chosen for it's power to keep them safe in this twi-lit field as they release the spirits in the soil.
Although this has no hole, the womanly shape reminded me
of votive statues from the distance past.


  1. Love this post!

    Yesterday whilst dog walking I walked by several fields recently ploughed and they were strewn with amazing shapes and sizes of flint. I was mesmerized by them, just before leaving them behind I spied a red coloured flint shaped like a heart. It was so beautiful! Your post has inspired me again to go back and revisit the fields for more treasure :)

  2. I have acquired many stones with holes over the years. They're not flint, but there are similar beliefs about staying safe, and perhaps good luck. I have them about in the house and out in the garden. I've also collected quite a few heart shaped rocks and others of interesting shapes and colors. Can't have too many rocks! I must also comment on your fox painting below. I'm really looking forward to seeing it complete. If you scroll way back on my blog to a year ago this last spring, you should be able to find at least one post showing the fox family that took up residence out in our yard. Between my husband and myself, there's quite a bit of "fox art" all over our home. Love this post! I think your new blog is a wonderful idea and very creative.

  3. I just popped over from a handful of stones-after reading your lovely stone featured there on August 29th. Such a wonderful blog here. I don't have much advice- to merge or not to merge. I think many bloggers have the same question. I have had the same dilemma for over a year... and now I actually have followers on all three of my blogs. I still dream of merging them. I am getting pretty clever at posting the same thing at times. I think all this blog juggling is good for my brain somehow. Good luck on what ever you decide. But now I need to send Fiona some of my stones - you have inspired me. Thanks!