Thursday, 4 August 2011

I'm Late I'm Late for a very important date

Would you believe I used to work in marketing and sales?  I re-read this post just now and realised that it tells you nothing about what I plan to give away and why.

I have had 20 visitors today, 30 yesterday and 400 this month... I was going to wait for the 1000th post, however the number sequence seemed serendipitous.  I would like to know what one of your favourite stories is and why you like it so much.

I will put all the names into a hat, I have a lovely big black topper just for the job, and will pull out a winner at the end of August.  Give away will include
Along with one or two other things.  If you are interested then add a comment below: Ruth and Penny are already in.
With all best to you lovely people who visit me already.


  1. "Snasksjuk" hs to be my favourite post of yours recently! I the very next day was off to the bookshop where I purchased three, books. Two thrillers and the latest Trudi Canavan, The Rogue (I have a soft spot for her as my maiden name is Canavan). Later on in the week I then purchased a book about Barn Owls, a bee identification sheet and the RSPB Guide to Digital Wildlife Photography. As soon as I could read I have loved books and my first two jobs were in libraries. The world for me would be a sorry place without books. So I am happy to be inflicted with Boksjuk!!

  2. Thank you for the book you mentioned on my blog about the Golden Retriever. I shall mention the condition to my vet !!!

    Your frog icon came back !

  3. Love this blog. Thanks for putting something that's actually creative. I believe that you used to work in sales/marketing since I don't know you. I could never work in that field.

  4. Well...that little rabbit is just too sweet! I've been working on a mat this afternoon that is a combination of rug hooking and felting. Maybe I'll have it to show in a few days. There's so many favorite stories of mine, it's hard to think of my favorite. I'm reading parts of Harry Potter to my husbands grandson, and the whole huge hp story is wonderful! I also love fairy tales very much.

  5. the first story that comes to mind is meant for children "A fairy went a marketing". It is so sweet and teaches to care for life. The illustrations are entirely charming. so lovely of you to give your adorable bunny to a new home!