Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cambridge Folk Festival Hilights

Every year I listen to the hilights from Cherry Hinton Hall.
I am not a great festival goer; I am not keen on being in large crowds, however joyful or benign, as I get very closed in feeling.  But I do love the music that is played.

This year featured Richard Thompson, whose music I adore.  It also featured the Secret Sisters.

There was upbeat, on your feet and dance beat music

And finally I have to leave you with the master, not from the Festival itself but one of my favourites.

It is wet and soggy here in Nottingham, however the sun of Cambridge is shining in my house.
Have a melodious and harmonious day

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  1. Ok... I'm sad to admit that having once ( many years ago) been a great fan of Richard Thompson. How did his gorgeous voice get away from me? I'm so glad you posted this because I'm going to find old and new works of his to enjoy again! Also, your new artwork is fabulous!