Monday, 22 August 2011

Bringing a little bit of magic home

We have been travelling and exploring for a couple of weeks; from the flattest of places (Suffolk) to the peaks and troughs of Yorkshire.
Whilst we were in Suffolk I added to my collection of pebbles.  I love the infinite variety of shape and colour you  get in sea washed stones.  East Anglia is particularly good for searching out beautiful patterns, as the sea fetches and carries a treasure trove every day.

I now have my very own "ness" on the desk, in a truly appropriate bowl found in a local charity shop.

After a brief sojourn at home, to give our cat time to decide he had forgiven us for abandoning him, we set off to Ilkley, to spend time with Tim's brother and his family.  We had a lovely weekend, visiting Harewood house: with it's beautiful Himalayan Garden.  Here we had the privilege of seeing the A Level work of the local Grammar School Children.  The craft work was truly impressive, although sadly no pictures to share.  But this will linger in the memory as new talent with incredible potential and an eye for beauty.

We also drove across the truly stunning moors from Ilkley to Tupgill House; here we took the children to Forbidden corner.  What a fantastic folly this is, the children loved every minute of the exploring, strange doors, rooms, underground tunnels and statues we encountered.  An afternoon of entertainment of the really interactive kind.  This too will leave me with magical memories.

We are now in the last two weeks before reality kicks in and school starts.  I have valued the time with the boys and Tim, I have valued the time to paint, more colour has been put onto paper in the last three weeks than in the whole year put together.  I have treasured the chance to have a holiday with my family.  

I plan to keep up the painting discipline over the next year, school notwithstanding, so will leave you with some idea of the works in progress.

Reynard in his castle sketch (only the castle is not finished).

Prepared sheet of wood, found on a particularly enjoyable walk.
I am not sure what this will be yet.


  1. Holidays with family are wonderful.. So loved mine with my sons and daughter. Love the pebbles and you have displayed them beautifully. :)

  2. I'd like to be able to reply to you personally but you are a 'no-reply' blogger. If you reply to my comment via your email I will then be able to email you if that is okay to give you an update. Thank you for asking.

    Lovely holiday by the looks of it, great pebbles, they look great in the vase.

    The drawing is fabulous.