Friday, 15 July 2011

A whole river of polished stones (day 15)

This morning my class got involved in creating their stones for the river.  Some of them were personal and shall remain private; some of them were writings they were happy to share.

Here are some of them:

So slimy so small.
Scared of all the staring eyes.
Water it needed.
by Bilal age 11

Yesterday I nearly got stung by a elagent fluff of fur glissning in the sun.
by Jamani-george Age 10

I was walking gently downstairs,I went to go feed my goldfish when I saw they were just floating
on top of the water,not moving,eyes open;just floating
by Raheema Din Age 10

Afternoon Nap!
Weights on my shoulders, eyes that can hardly open. The blur of my vision, my comfy cloud calling out to me. Finally it happened, I was in a dreamy trance.
By Eden Simeon Robert aged 11

Rasberry Guards.
A bush growing tasty fruit,
has a dark side,
a side with fouricious guards,
hard to tackle,
the hold sharp knives
By Jessica Dorothea Devonport Age 9

Life of Heaven and Hell
The door to extra ordinary life has opened!
I have left the quiet zone and stepped into a whole new world!
I felt an unbearable pain every day of horrid, whispy whisperers
slowing down my life bit by bit.
However now heavenly sounds of advice touches my heart taking my soul
above extra terrestrial life.
My opposites are living the life of punishment.
Over there, souls of fire creep inside your heart squeezing out love and care
and leaves you with irrisistable pain of guilt and evil.... FOREVER!
By Tasnia Age 11

The Second side
My white and black dog Milo,
has blue shiny eyes,
at night his eyes turn red,
he always whines when he wants to play,
I wish I could communicate with him,
talk to him.
When I play with him, he jumps up and down,
wanting me to throw his stick for him to catch.
By Salma Age 10

Fluffy, white and big, bounces in my kitchen under the table,
nibbling carrots and cucumber happily.
By Patrycja Age 10

I felt the water fall,
thunder and lightining was in the air,
crash was what I heard.
By Umar Age 10

Moving houses
The patterned walls and comfy, soft bed fade away like a distant memory,
only to be replaced by exciting adventures yet to come.
By Divij aged 10

Tennis Ball,
Furry, woolly, yellow and white. I bounced it and I caught it, I felt good.
Oliverees aged 10

I saw butterfly on Miroslava's head.
Fluttering, orange and yellow.
land on soft brown and black hair.
By Miroslava's friends.

My Budgie
It's green and blue,
the fluffy feathers shimmer in the sun as it flies through the window frame.
Ismael aged 10

My Cousin.
My naughty little cousin came to my house yesterday. We ran around the playground nearly all day. When we came home we went to the restaurant we ate patty and drank.
Brittney aged 10.

I like fishes, I have tropical ones.
Halima aged 11.

Every child enjoyed the exercise, they didn't all want to post their writings, some were too personal.

I loved reading these, I hope you do too.


  1. how lovely
    such a wonderful thing to do and share
    creating memories that will return over and over through out a life time

  2. Ellen Greaves: lovely thoughts and poems posted on facebook as Blogger is being temperamental again!