Thursday, 21 July 2011

What happened to stone twenty

I couldn't find it in me to post last night.  Yesterday was overloaded with emotions and manic carrying's it is on the same day every year in a Primary schools life.  We said goodbye to our year 6 and set them forth on their journey into secondary school.

This year the children were somewhat special for me as they were the year 4's in my very first class as an NQT. Your first class is always special and my 4H were exceptionally special.  They just gelled together as a class (mixed year grouping and a new teacher here, remember) and were the best behaved, fun, cheeky and serious when it needed.  Needless to say I cried over them, growing up and moving on. As a result I came home drained and not in the frame of mind for reflection (on quiet small moments) in a day full of big moments.

It did get me thinking about changes and how they are necessary.  Each change is a step forward on the journey through life, to be embraced and met with fortitude and optimism.  I hope that this is a lesson I have given to my own children as well as the children in my care each Monday to Friday. This in turn got me thinking of the transience of our lives,  we sometimes are tempted to try and stop change and preserve things in stasis.  This is not natural, preservation essentially makes things static, lifeless and entropic.  We all move through from a beginning to an end, changing and growing, expanding in some ways and diminishing in others.  It is a cycle that is important, necessary to us in body and spirit.

I thought about the beautiful rainbow that we saw this week.  How it formed and deepened in colour, arching through the rain sodden sky.  A perfect curve and merging together of colours.  You can't hold it or keep it.  It is a transient and magical phenomena to gladden the spirit.  We need to observe and treasure the rainbows in our lives, they come when the conditions are right, they are fleeting and cannot be held; they leave us with memories, ready to move forward towards the next rainbow.

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  1. That's a wonderful way of looking at changes. I have learned to accept changes and treasure memories. Not always easy though.